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Experiencing New Customer Engagements

This is what you can expect at ENCE.

About Ence Marketing Group

We craft experiences. We help brands speak. We connect the dots for you so you don't have to.

At ENCE, we understand that every industry, every discipline, and every customer is different. That's why we focus a lot on customising solutions for you so that you can enjoy a new way of engaging your customers for optimal effectiveness.

Over the years, the marketplace has changed radically and even more so with the advent of social media. Today's consumer is well-informed but more time-strapped than ever. With so much new information being pushed to them daily, customers have shortened attention spans as they face more choices in their purchases. It is hence of vital importance for companies to impress quickly and think of new ways to engage with their customers for long-lasting impact, thereby building brand loyalty.

To help businesses stay ahead of their game, ENCE was established to group the various facets of marketing under one roof to provide clients with an integrated marketing approach. The purpose of marketing is to generate leads for your business.

We do this through a multi-channel approach in specific public relations, experiential events management, appealing design and memorable advertising, backed by our belief and frameworks for measuring marketing success.

At ENCE we have just the right experts to help fulfill your marketing needs in excellence. Our mission is to help you create your unique brand of customer experience so that they keep coming back for more.

Our Vision

To be the integrated marketing agency of choice for clients in the industries we serve.


Our Mission

To consistently garner the best possible public awareness for our clients by being the foremost marketing experts in the industry in each country we operate in.


Our Core Values

Our core values driving our mission and towards our vision are INTELLIGENCE and INFLUENCE.

ENCE marketeers are individuals with a deep passion and calling for marketing to help brands reach their optimal awareness potential, and we are also professionals with the intelligence and influence to create memorable engagements for our clients and brands.


Our Logo

The ENCE name was derived from the execution work we do at the individual agency level. From Affluence PR to Eminence Events and Decadence Design, it made sense to group our work into an integrated marketing agency that our clients could rely on for excellent marketing work.

ENCE thus consolidates the work we do in creating helping brands engage their customers through better marketing experiences … and this formed the basis for our tagline: Experiencing New Customer Engagements.

Started in 2007 as ROI Strategy Consultants, we are well-versed in competitive positioning and designing strategies to ensure a lucrative Return On Investment and to safeguard this winning edge for our clients so that they can always enjoy dominance in their game.

The icon of a King chess piece signifies the winning edge and that we offer to our clients to help them to be king in their industries. The business world is all about strategising your moves so that you gain an edge over your competitors.

Over the years, we have grown from an agency that provides funding consultancy to SMEs to a marketing consulting firm that offers a full suite of marketing services, including public relations, events management, design and digital marketing. With this growth, we have evolved to become the ENCE Marketing Group, which encapsulates the excellence in marketing that we set out to achieve for our clients.


BizSAFE Level 3 compliant as of Nov 2013

Fair Employment Practice Employer

Member of the Employer Alliance

SCOPE IP trained

Practicing Management Consultant trained

Business Excellence trained

Singapore Health Award nominee

SMF Business Model Innovation (BMI) Award 2014 nominee

WorkPro company funded by WDA

NUS Business School Alumni Director

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