Bridging the Gap Between Your Online and Offline Marketing Strategies In Singapore

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Marketing strategies have truly evolved through the years, more so in the last five years because of how fast technology has been developing. Strategies and technologies, specifically online marketing efforts have constantly become more sophisticated in the recent years. At times, because of the amount of data that can be readily available in front of you in just one click, it can all be too overwhelming.

However, with all the sophistication and precision of online marketing tools and data, it should not be forgotten that offline efforts play a big role in one’s business success, too. In fact, it’s been established in our previous post that offline marketing is not dead. Because of this, it is crucial for you and your business to utilise both data you get from your offline and online marketing efforts and use these to bridge the gap between your succeeding strategies and campaigns.


Why Bridging the Gap Should Not Be Overlooked

Big companies and successful businesses, because their budgets permit them to do so, often use both offline and online marketing strategies, however, let separate teams handle their campaigns. While it is good that these businesses utilise both strategies, it is very crucial for a business to integrate the two and create a seamless campaign with both online and offline strategies. Here are some of the reasons why bridging the gap between the two should not be overlooked:

  • Bridging the gap between offline and online marketing strategies creates a consistent exposure of your brand. The last thing you would want to create is confusion among your target market on how your brand is being represented, whichever channel you use.

    For example, although your offline and online marketing teams are creating campaigns for just one brand and because they are working on different departments, a difference in the message, voice, tones, and even strategies is at times inevitable. An ad copy of your brand in the Sunday paper may be entirely different, or worse contradicting to your brand’s hashtag of the week. Instead of working together towards one goal, your brand’s two marketing strategies are now at odds with one another.
  • Having an integrated strategy can give your target market the complete customer experience, hence giving them more reasons to be loyal to your brand. If all your marketing efforts are dedicated only to one of your customer groups (either digital or offline), you could leave a potentially large market unserved and may not be able to get a complete picture of what your customer brand experience should really look like.

    Being able to do so can open up horizons of possibilities to develop new ways of serving your clients. What works for your digital customers may not work for your loyal in-store customers. Hence, combining both offline and online marketing efforts is a great way to leave no one unserved.
  • Integrating your offline and online marketing efforts can help you maximise your ROI the most. With combining marketing channels, you are able to tap the best of both worlds: you get to experiment with new digital marketing tools and at the same time gain from the tried and tested traditional offline tools, too. Because of this, you’ll actually see what works for your business and those that you should do without on your next campaign.

    Closing the gap between your online and offline marketing efforts is crucial and should always be a priority so you can serve the whole spectrum to your target market. In this manner, you don’t only get the exposure you need but also maximise your ROI through all the sales you could possibly get in return.

At ENCE, we always make sure that our clients will be able to serve their customers better through consistently engaging strategies. We do this by creating marketing campaigns that use multi-channel communication approaches. Through these, we give our clients the opportunity to establish long-lasting impacts and brand loyalty from their customers. In turn, we strongly believe that these two will give them the most ROI for their businesses.

So, how do you actually bridge the gap between online and offline marketing strategies?

Bridging the gap between online and offline marketing strategies is not entirely a new endeavor among marketers and business owners. Many practitioners as well as entrepreneurs understand the need for it and therefore make small steps of integrating both in their campaigns. Here are some steps you can take to start bridging the gap of your online and offline marketing efforts if you have not started yet:

  • List all your offline and online marketing channels and identify which among them make the best combinations. Evaluate existing tools that complement well which generate leads and sales. 

    The one thing you will need to keep in mind is if the resources that you will integrate are complementary, they should  give you continuous communication with your customers and give your customers a seamless and complete customer buying experience.

  • Be consistent with all parts of your online and offline strategies. It is important that you are using the same voice, tone, and message across all the offline and online channels that you will use on your campaign. Remember that inconsistent brand message and design will only create confused customers and will leave you with decreased brand loyalty.
  • Set clear and attainable goals and the success measures that come with them. When starting any campaign, it is best to work backwards: set the overall goal you want to achieve for the whole campaign and the independent goals you need for each channel you would use to achieve your main goal. Along with this, set the metrics of your success so you can better monitor them as your campaign rolls out.
  • In all your channels, always aim to strengthen intimacy and proximity to your customers. Your campaign message should be simple and clear:  you want your customers to have a seamless customer journey every time they visit your website or go to your store to avail your services or buy your products. With this in mind, everything else will follow including the revenue and brand loyalty you are aiming for.

Bridge the gap and achieve optimal results!

In summary, you will get the best ROI and your marketing efforts will be most efficient if you get your customers engaged throughout their whole buying journey. You only get to do this when you give them a customised, seamless customer experience in both online and offline channels. Give us a call at ENCE Marketing Group. At ENCE, we believe that a balanced approach and a perfectly combined online and offline campaign is what will generate the highest ROI for our clients.  

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