Celebrating Singapore’s National Day



National Day Singapore 2018 is around the corner and there’s a ton of events to celebrate the 53rd birthday of our beloved nation. From parties to concerts to art exhibitions and local feasting, there are just so many things you can pick as you soak in the festive atmosphere. Here are some of the ways to celebrate National Day 2018 in Singapore:


National Day Concerts

Are you a music lover? Go to the SSO National Day Concert on the 11th August. The program is going to feature a diverse mix of artists, like the soloist Kam Ning and home-grown music composers Phoon Yew Tien and Leong Yoon Pine, just to name a few.


Wear Red and White

It’s one of the ways to show your Singaporean pride. At schools and colleges, students should be asked to dress up in red and white for the National Day celebration. Even if it’s a red top, it will have a symbolic value.


National Day Songs

National Day Songs, when sung in community, rejuvenate our national spirit. While everyone has their own favourite, some National Day songs suite the occasion more than others. Such as: “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”, ‘We are Singapore’, “Home”, “Our Singapore”, and “Song for Singapore” etc.


Participate in the National Day Parade

The NDP is a special thing you can be a part of. It’s an expression of the Singapore pride and spirit. As Singaporeans, we have no better way to celebrate our achievements, our independence, and our progress than to come together and observe the National Day Parade.


Take a glimpse into Singapore’s History

You may head over to places like Fort Canning Park, Battlebox, or Flutes to get a feel for the Singapore’s rich history. Or, you may sock up some of the cultural aspects of Singapore’s history by going on a trip around the country. Take help from a tour guide to all the areas that you think have a historic and cultural value.


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it gives you an idea to find ways to celebrate the National Day on the 9th of August. Anything you do in a national spirit on that day is surely better than sitting around.

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