ENCE Celebrates Women

We kick off the month of March in celebration of women and their achievements, pursuits and how far the women’s movement has come (and how far more it has to go!).

Blue and Red Makes Purple

Did you know that purple is the official colour of International Women’s Day? Purple has been traditionally associated with efforts to achieve gender equality and it was also the colour of the Women’s Liberation Movement. “The colour of loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause” is also our brand colour here at ENCE Marketing. We are firm believers in equal opportunities and equal representation for all, and make great strides towards maintaining an even playing field for all our employees.

Our female-dominated Board of Directors sets the tone for a more inclusive workplace culture from the top of the organisation. According to Forbes, studies have also shown companies with at least three female board members see median productivity of above 1.2% above competitors!

Women and the Workplace

We don’t speak for all women, but gender does contribute to some qualities that have become naturalised to what to means to be a woman. Some of these qualities make women indispensable in the workplace.

  1. Women Understand the Value of Teams

Whether team-player or preferring to work alone, women are known for valuing relationships with others and therefore, work together in teams to get the job done. One study shows that female executives develop relationship building and use their listening skills to lead teams, all while making everyone feel valued.

  1. Women are Passionate

Compared to their male counterparts, women are often seen as more “emotional” or “sensitive”. It only holds true for some, but we see this rather as a “passion” that drives women and enables them to feel more, and therefore, do more.

  1. Women are Persuasive

The art of persuasion boils down to empathy and the natural ability to communicate – sounds like many women in our lives! At the workplace, women tend to be able to sway mindsets and influence decision-making.

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