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June 5 was World Environment Day and this year’s theme was to #BeatAirPollution. Sustainability is a hot topic for many brands nowadays. More and more businesses are aware of the role they have to play in the fight against global warming. Scratch that. Our current situation goes beyond global warming, a buzzword 10 years ago – we are now facing what we call an ecological crisis. More than just switching off the lights, using fewer plastic cups and not wasting paper, there are a myriad of other steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint in the office. Small steps with a big impact. Not only is mitigating pollution and carbon waste essential for our environment, making sustainable efforts also adds to a positive brand image.

Here are ways that you can be green in the office:

1. Restrain consumption of paper and ink
Paper is the most used supply in the office. Did you know that ink cartridges contain many environmentally toxic chemicals? To reduce paper and ink consumption:
– Prioritise recycled paper (it kills 20 times fewer trees, requires 100 times less water and three times less energy)
– Print in black & white instead of colour
– Go digital: access meeting slides in soft copy and share minutes online

2. Sort out your waste
Sorting is a business necessity. Have different bins in the office to separate paper and cardboard from plastic, glass etc. Use mugs instead of plastic cups and metal straws instead of plastic straws.

3. Reduce consumption of electricity
We can’t live without electricity but we can survive on less of it. Make sure to switch off electronic devices when not in use. Embrace nature by maximising the use of natural light at the workplace!

4. Manage your business transport
Yes, we are also guilty of being reliant on our Grab app! And taking the car is just that much more convenient, efficient, and might we add, comfortable. However, road transportation is responsible for around 20% of emission. Why not hop on the speedy public transport system or walk, cycle, scoot your way to your destination?

5. Promote eco-friendly days
As a marketing agency, we have established a wide network of contacts and we can use the reach that we have to spread the word about special dates that promote the environment. Other than World Environment Day, there’s World Cleanup Day on September 19, Car Free Day on September 22 and World Habitat Day on October 19.

6. Give back
As a company there are many ways for your team to come together to raise awareness and support charities or organisations that advocate for the environment. Whether it’s having everyone pitch in their extra change from lunch or having an in-office fundraiser, it is a great way to show your support!

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