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Despite years of getting spam out of mailboxes, the authorities are losing a lengthy battle. Let us tell you the only reason why spam still prevails –


And here’s how YOU can jump on the technology bandwagon to reach out to 100,000 customers in a day:

What We Do To Get You Noticed

Perhaps you have tried email marketing campaigns in the past, but they did not work for you.

7 main reasons why many email marketing campaigns or companies that profess to send your email for you fail:

  1. Poor visuals – you did not choose the right graphic to portray your purpose
  2. Poor copy writing – what exactly was your header? Did it capture the attention of your reader?
  3. Poorly crafted marketing message – jumbled, confusing, with no objective at the end of it all. If you couldn’t understand it, how would your customer understand your business?
  4. Lack of technical expertise to get the campaign out the right way – missing emails, no links to your mail selling point
  5. Poorly accumulated database with many “dead” emails
  6. Untargeted messaging – emails sent to the wrong target audience with the content they did not care for
  7. Poor design – messy, pictures and text were all over the place

If you get ANY of these wrong, your email ccampaign will not produce ANY results. 

What We REALLY Do To Get You Noticed

When you engage us as your marketing agency, we pride ourselves on sending information that your customers will find beneficial.

Create Compelling Content

We clean up your text and give you a proper positioning. We ensure that your message is clear and precise.

Add Attractive Visuals

We create visuals that help to sell your idea.

People see an email and in a microsecond they decide to open it or not. We ensure that your email is attractive for at least a click to read more.

Do Layout Testing

We test your layout to ensure that it appears the way it should in different mail software.

We use our technical and design skills to enhance your EDM.

A One-Stop SOLUTION for your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have tried running your own Email campaigns in the past, you will know how tedious is all is. Consolidating and putting the database in place itself is a momentous task. And if you do not use your database within a month, you will see that your leads start to decay. So it is important to keep activating your leads and cleaning them up.

On top of this, you have to learn how to use the software, and how to input text and pictures, choose the best layout, test that the words and pictures do not overlap. You even have to spend an hour or two, sitting down to write your marketing message.

At ENCE, all we require from you are

  1. A Word document (in point form) on your promotion and your company information
  2. If you have images of the product you are promoting send it to us via email
  3. Your price list
  4. Your contact details (email and telephone number for customers to call in).

We will set up the email system for you, input your leads, write the content, put the pictures together, layout the email and start sending your email campaign.


We are the only agency in the world to guarantee you a 5% open rate on all emails sent.

Who are we? Why the guarantee?

ENCE Marketing Group (Marketing Agency Singapore) has spent the last 10 years devising more effective marketing work for our clients. This has translated into thousands of hours of trial and errors, of learning and relearning, and of learning what new technologies have to offer. We have tried them for ourselves and we thus now provide our clients with our tried and tested marketing methods.

We pride ourselves on having a team that straddles the “traditional” fundamentals of marketing and the new age of “technology” marketing – giving us the experience, yet the open-mindedness and curiosity to keep pushing the boundaries of marketing.

Over the years, ENCE has accumulated and developed our own email marketing database of 300,000 business owners and decision makers. We use this to our advantage to promote our services for PR, events management and design, as well as help clients to promote their brands.

Email marketing is so far, the most productive marketing medium for most of our clients in the B to B sector and we often promote this form of marketing to them when they have a limited budget and aim to get the quickest results.

Direct, precise and effective. This is what our email marketing campaigns bring to the table. If you are interested to see how we can help you generate those leads, contact us for a non-obligatory discussion today!

Email prominence@encemarketing.com to set an appointment.

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