This November, In Celebration of Thanksgiving, We Are Thankful For…

Being A Home-Grown Company In Singapore

A typical year is as such: January enters with a bang, everyone still starry-eyed from the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations that have just passed and harbouring high hopes for the year ahead. Before we even get to our New Year resolutions, February and March come sauntering in, and before we know it, the pace accelerates so quickly that APRILMAYJUNEJULYAUGUSTSEPTEMBEROCTOBER zooms by and we are left in the thick of things. As November and December dawn upon us, we finally find time to catch a breather.

Amidst the flurry of activity that constantly dictates our lives, too often we forget to give thanks to our blessings, most of which we take for granted. Despite being a forward-looking and bustling metropolis topping the rankings in education, health (and also cost of living), Singaporeans seem to be one of the least happy populations in the world. Ever heard someone say that Singaporeans’ favourite pastime is complaining?

As a home-grown company based in the city of Singapore, here are 11 reasons why that should not be the case:

  1. Grants – no other country’s government is as generous in supporting local enterprise, and entrepreneurship, allowing them to survive, and thrive
  2. Low tax rates – personal income tax rate in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world
  3. Family-friendly policies – strategies for work-life harmony are constantly being put in place
  4. Good food and numerous global options at affordable prices – the humble hawker centre is indeed a national treasure
  5. Cheap Internet – wireless SG, that enables us to tap on the world’s knowledge
  6. High education and resourceful workforce – we have been ranked as the best country for children to grow up in.
  7. Efficient and low cost public transport – what is a track fault when public transport systems in other countries experience hour-long delays?
  8. No natural disasters – a boon for business, as we need not fear our factories being destroyed overnight
  9. Fair legal and civil system that gives everyone a level playing field
  10. Safe – where else can one work or jog late and not be worried about being accosted?
  11. Clean and green – our garden city is known for its cleanliness and if we stop to smell the roses, we will realise the how lucky we are to be living and working here.

At ENCE Marketing, we strive to embrace the resources that we have been given, and to use them to the best of our capabilities for ourselves and our clients and are thankful for the availability of good infrastructure support and global resources in Singapore.  Use the best resources for your business at each step of the way!  See if our consultants can help.  This is also the time for us to welcome new ideas to help us chart directions for the new year for better business growth.

Contact Jean at to see how we can help with your integrated marketing needs for 2019!

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