Integrated marketing that amplifies every marketing dollar.
ENCE Marketing is a KPI-driven agency that puts a guaranteed
result on every dollar or your money back. Through the use of
our proprietary Marketing for Return™ and Measurable
Marketing Matrices (m3)™ Frameworks, we help businesses
make sense of their marketing spend.















Specialist Marketing Companies

  • Each focused in a specific area of marketing
  • An experienced team with relevant skill set and experience in each marketing area
ENCE Marketing Group Pte Ltd was established in 2017 and is involved in a range of branding and marketing initiatives for our clients, in these areas:
  • Branding
  • Marketing Positioning
  • Target Market Definition
  • Marketing Budgeting
  • Public Relations
  • Digital/Social Media Campaign Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Copywriting


ENCE is made up of dynamic team members with complementary competencies for the entire suite of marketing needs for businesses. From marketing communications, public relations, to digital and social media marketing and events management, our team of ex-MNC marketers bring their experience, passion and dedication to help our clients develop their brand awareness.

ENCE - Organisation Chart

Our Clients


Retail Techniques: 4 In-Store Marketing Strategies

Retail Techniques: 4 In-Store Marketing Strategies

In-store marketing is a powerful tool for retail stores to increase their sales and brand awareness. It involves creating an engaging shopping experience for customers that encourages them to buy products or services from the store. By using in-store marketing,...

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Staking as a Service: Everything You Need to Know

Staking as a Service: Everything You Need to Know

If you know how expensive setting up a validator node for Ethereum staking is, you would be looking for better ways to get the job done. Luckily, Staking-as-a-Service, or STaaS is a crypto staking model where third-party provider offers to be an intermediary for...

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Rethinking Marketing: New Strategies for Modern Business

Rethinking Marketing: New Strategies for Modern Business

Are you tired of the same old marketing strategies that everyone seems to be using these days? Despite all your efforts, do you feel like you’re not getting the desired results? Well, it’s time to shake things up and rethink your marketing strategies! In today’s...

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The ENCE Marketing team’s passion for Integrated marketing, branding and advertising has garnered us some decent accolades over the years.

“Our Chinoiserie Appreciation Night was a hit with our guests, thanks to the meticulous set-up by ENCE.”

“You guys were a dream team to work with! It was the only country where we did not have to scramble to get people to attend our Ajman Investment Seminar and the shiekhs were well pleased with the turn out. Full house with good guests!”

Katerina Wolters,
Yello (event organiser for Ajman Free Trade Zone Investment Seminar (Singapore, Australia, Malaysia).”

“We are thrilled to see the community come alive with arts in the heartlands and we thank ENCE for their help in spreading the word for our PassionArts Festival 2014.”

“ENCE has helped us achieve new possibilities in our marketing reach we didn’t expect before and we are definitely happy with the results.”

“Word of mouth plays a big role in the success of any business and we are happy with the help from ENCE to raise awareness of the specific uses and benefits of our wide range of essential oils and wellness solutions.”

“It is a pleasure working with the Eminence Events team. They are creative, resourceful and dedicated. The team helps us to align our events objectives with our marketing direction … and most importantly, gives us fresh insights on how to enhance our brand and extend the reach to new market segments. I trust them to do a good job all the time!”

“We enjoy working with the Eminence Events team. They are committed and creative, often giving us new ideas and insights into marketing for the brand. With their help, we created Singapore’s first-ever rock climbing challenge which saw more than 10,000 visitors and 100 participants take part.”

“We chose ENCE as we saw that Angela and her team would work closely with us to develop our rebranding vision and strategy, as compared to the other branding agencies we met. Throughout the exercise, our management team learnt a lot about our brand and are pleased that we have a much clearer direction for the company.”

“Working with Angela and her team was a breeze. It was our first restaurant and we had no idea how to start promoting it. Angela met us in the wee hours of the morning to set everything straight and ensure that we had a good media launch. The team also delivered beyond their contractual obligations to ensure that we would have a smooth time.”

“Angela has been a close friend and associate for more than a decade. What started out as a printer-client relationship has stood the test of time, and Angela became our consultant in the later years. We are glad to say that our relationship has continued to this day and we look forward to many more years of business success together!”

“There are far too many PR agencies who promise and do not deliver. I would say that my experience with ENCE has been a good one. So far, they have delivered what they said they would. I have and will continue to recommend their service to others.”

“ENCE handled the press conference professionally and they also helped us with additional marketing and sales ideas to sustain the brand awareness. We enjoyed working with the team at ENCE very much.”


Top Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Singapore

ENCE Marketing Group is One of Rankwatch’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies 2023

ENCE Marketing Group Recognized as One of the Top Crisis Management and Social Media Marketing Companies by DesignRush.com

ENCE Marketing Group as Top 3 Advertising Companies by ThreeBestRated ?