Three Marketing Things Millenials Respond To

Who are millennials? Young generation between the ages of 18-34; curious, ambitious and having a strong sense of purpose. To a marketer, this segment is a hard nut to crack as millennials are resistant to traditional advertising in all shapes and forms. The question is can marketers stop spending efforts on millennials-focused marketing? The answer is simply “NO” because millennials hold about $1.3 trillion of the market share which is too big to ignore for companies.


Nevertheless, there are ways you can use to effectively market your products to millennials and get a positive response in return. In this article, we have briefly discussed about three things that we think are vital to your marketing strategy if you want to get millennials’ attention.


Meaningful Connections

Millennials are a tech-savvy generation and any move you make towards making a meaningful connection with millennials across all relevant platforms on the internet is going to pay off well. Establish your social media presence on all the mainstream channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other platforms where your audience is found. In all communications, make it a point to equally involve the users to ensure they are engaged with your brand at a personal level.


Influencer Marketing

While millennials might not trust traditional forms of advertising, they rely on peer opinions, expert advice, and influencers’ recommendations more than anything. If you can work with influencers and brand evangelists to create an experience for the users, your growth and marketing ROI is going to be inevitable! A recent report from Burst Media and a study from Journal of Consumer Research state that for every $1 of paid media, an influencer-led marketing campaign generates $6.85 as earned media value, and millennial consumers’ decisions, opinions, and positive judgements are often dependent upon the opinions of people they follow on social media. Think about it and waste less time on strategies that are less effective.


Meaningful Content

Millennials tend to ignore content that focuses too much on sales and instantaneous deals. Don’t stuff your content with call-to-actions that are narrowly focused on a one-time deal. If you are patient and can take a longer route of identifying your audience interests and bringing consistent value, you will win more millennial support. Avoid hard selling and churning out content that screams “buy me!”. Instead, focus on educating, empowering and bringing value. If you want to stand out, act like you’re their fellow advisor when it comes to choosing a product.
To win the minds and dollars of millennials, earn yourself a place in their hearts. Remember this simple rule when you set out to craft your next marketing strategy for millennials. For any help, you can reach out to ENCE Marketing and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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